Jordan Cohen, the #1 RE/MAX Agent Worldwide. Jordan will share how he has become one of the top agents in the world, without a big team by making sure he never loses a listing presentation.

The newly launched Concierge Custom platform by Placester is boosting marketing potential for brokerages in an affordable and innovative way. Learn more about it is simplifying the way they fulfill marketing tasks.

Learn more about our go-to real estate specific tax recommendation to enable you to complete your taxes for the entire year, that’s a total of 365 days, in one, single hour.

As we enter a shift in most major real estate markets in the US, many agents are looking to cut costs. How and what can you save on to stretch your dollar even further?

Sponsored Content Written by Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs Most real estate markets in America are looking at about 30% less transactions this year compared to 2022. As most real estate agents lo...

Highnote is a revolutionary software that makes it easy to build beautiful presentations that can win you more business.

Receive a bite-sized, actionable, message three times per week to move your business forward with the help of the inHere app!

Highnote is one of the hottest tools built by real estate veterans to help agents win more business and set themselves apart from the competition.

A seamless lender relationship may be more important now than it’s ever been before. Read more to learn how Rocket Pro Insight can be the leverage you need in a competitive market!

For many real estate professionals, tax season is the most stressful time of the year. So use Realtyzam's tax season tricks to relieve some of that anxiety!

Learn how Rocket Pro Insight's Overnight Underwrite fast turnaround times can help in today's crazy real estate market.

As a buyer’s agent, putting together the “best offer” can be challenging. Here's how Rocket Pro℠ Insight can help!

In the real estate industry, time is literally money, and we love to partner with useful applications that save us time. Learn how Realtyzam can help come tax time.

Learn how Rocket Pro Insight℠ can give you a competitive edge over other agents.

If you are looking to enhance your digital presence, Placester has custom, flexible solutions to help you get the job done.

It’s no secret that as a real estate agent, the experience you provide your clients is one of your biggest selling points...

In this Breakthrough Broker Pro Tip Nathan Froelich, CEO and Co-Founder of Breakthrough Broker highlights three systems every broker-owner should be using to effectively sail their ships! From managing payroll ...

Still using sticky notes and a daily planner full of chicken scratch to stay organized? If you're losing your mind and missing opportunities, it might be time to upgrade. Luckily, there are now hundreds of onli...

The digital and technological landscape within the real estate industry is vast, sometimes confusing, and can definitely be overwhelming. Knowing what applications might be helpful to our business can be a toug...

Sponsored Content Written by Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs Automated Accounting with Realtyzam At Breakthrough Broker, we are constantly on a quest to find the best resources in the world to h...

As a real estate agent, connecting with your clients is the most valuable use of your time. However, what are you doing to maximize your productivity? While there are a variety of options to make the most out o...

Building and maintaining a successful real estate business takes a lot of money; it's that simple. From all of the monthly fees to the never-ending major expenses, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when considerin...

A personal website is an essential part of marketing yourself as a real estate agent. Even if you’re featured elsewhere on the web—your broker’s site, a team site, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.—it’s still ...

Sponsored Content Written by Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs As busy real estate professionals, we often look for systems, apps, and technologies to help us save time, get organized, and systematiz...

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Direct mail marketing services and engaging social media content.

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