10 Engaging Instagram Posts for Realtors

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

Let’s face it, being entertained on Instagram is easy, but creating entertaining content is difficult. Are you a TikTok superstar or Instagram famous? No, you’re a Realtor. So how do you juggle this career and maintain a fun and functional Instagram account? If you’re in need of some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together 10 ideas for engaging Instagram posts.

Share something personal.

Yes, you’re a real estate agent, but you’re also a person with hobbies, interests, family, friends, and pets. “Personal” does not have to be your life’s story, but it could be a piece of it. Humans are inherently interested in other humans, especially those they’re working with. Examples:

  • How you came to be a Realtor. Did you jump ship from another career and land in real estate? Tell the story!
  • Do you have a pet? Put them in an “I ❤️ real estate” t-shirt and take a picture with them.
  • When you’re not working, what hobbies or interests do you enjoy? If you’re an avid trail runner or excellent baker, share these activities!

Tips for current or future homeowners.

As a Realtor, you have a ton of insider, real estate-specific information that could be helpful to your sphere. Making yourself a resource is an incredible way to create engagement.

  • No matter if you’re buying or selling, it is scary. Provide some examples of how you advocate for your clients through the buying/selling process. Let them know they can lean on you for support during this huge commitment!
  • Share some money-making tips or tricks to help maximize your client’s return on their real estate investments. If you can make your client a little extra cash, this will establish trust to last a lifetime.

Before and after.

People LOVE a transformation, and that’s exactly what you do for your sellers with property staging. Example: - Whether it is professional staging or advice you provide your sellers to declutter and rearrange, take before and after photos. Sharing these may even spark some inspiration for what potential buyers could do with the home.

A walking tour of a neighborhood.

Do you have current or soon-to-be listings located in a desirable neighborhood? Beautifully landscaped yards, active adults and children, a nearby park, or a local coffee shop - these are all features potential buyers could have at the top of their list. This could be an opportunity to not only engage with your followers but reel in some potential buyers. Example:

  • Record a walk-thru of the neighborhood highlighting its best assets. Give the viewer a chance to really imagine themselves there.

Show your sense of humor.

If you’ve scrolled on Instagram, you’ve surely seen memes and gifs scattered throughout. Do you find yourself liking or sharing these posts?

  • Create or share (with the proper attribution to the creator) a real estate-specific gif or meme. It could even be an opportunity to be self-deprecating. Poking fun at yourself humanizes you - you’ll be the relatable Realtor. If you’re struggling to find any, check out our gifs!

Be nice.

Do you spend a portion of your free time volunteering for your community? Or did you buy someone their morning coffee? Or did you place a stray shopping cart back in the stall?

  • Share these nice moments, but also share this with humility and sincerity. Kindness is contagious!


Have you heard of the term “social proof?” Essentially, people are more likely to buy, use, or recommend a product, person, or service if there are supporting reviews or testimonials. If you read reviews before purchasing a product, you are seeking “social proof.”

  • If you’ve received a raving review from a client, post this to your Instagram! We have testimonial templates ready to go. It’s ok to brag about yourself in this situation. However, don’t post these every single day, but sprinkle a few throughout if you’re running low on posts.

Ask questions.

Your sphere is looking to you as the professional, the one with all of the answers. But oftentimes, it is helpful for you to ask the questions and gauge what your sphere needs from YOU.

  • Future buyers, what is your biggest concern when it comes to buying a home?
  • If you want to sell your home but are afraid to list, what is holding you back?
  • What is one myth you’ve heard about real estate? Let’s debunk it!

Host a giveaway.

Is there anything more engaging than a chance to win something free?

  • Realtors don’t have an onslaught of products to give away, so pick something like a $25 Starbucks gift card. Or, if the majority of your followers are local, support a nearby restaurant by offering a gift card for a “night out on you.” Have them like, share, or even comment on your post to enter.

Client stories.

Did you help your client overcome numerous hurdles and obstacles in their home buying process?

  • After a tortuous process, were you able to get them into their dream home? Or did you help navigate the low inventory market to find them a home they didn’t have to settle for? With the client’s permission, share their story and how you helped. Include a picture of the family in their new home.

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