11 Meeting Ideas for Broker Owners or Team Leaders

Build a company culture real estate agents are proud to be a part of by having powerful team meetings. Here are 11 ideas you can use to have meetings that go above and beyond!

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Promote healthy internal communication, increase productivity, and build a company culture your real estate agents are proud to be a part of by holding powerful team meetings. Here are 11 meeting topics and ideas to help you push past the surface and dig deeper!

  1. Role Play a Business Activity - Have your team members practice various activities they encounter in their day-to-day as a real estate agent. Act out an open house scenario, brainstorm ways to break the ice, demonstrate strategies for building rapport, ask engaging and qualifying questions to one another, and practice asking for the business. Don’t forget to share your answers to questions like “How is the market?”, “How is your business right now?”, and “Is it a good time to buy or sell?”.
  2. Offsite Meeting - Host your meeting at an interesting venue, such as a factory, bakery, technology company, brewery, a commercial printer, new home construction site, and more. Not only will it spice up your meeting and excite your team members, but it offers a great opportunity for them to raise awareness of their products or services to the patrons and/or employees.
  3. USP Workshop - Having a unique selling proposition (USP) is important in sales and everyone on your team should know what theirs and the company or team’s USP is. Check out’s self-promo brochure and use this as a roadmap for the workshop. Even if your agents don’t think they will use the document, it serves as an effective tool to refine their USP.
  4. Short-Term Goals Meeting - Have each person on your team identify an important task that they've been meaning to get done and have them commit to completing it before the next sales meeting. Write down each goal and email them to the meeting attendees. Then at the following meeting, review which members completed their tasks. This creates group accountability.
  5. Listing Presentation Strategies - Bring up different topics and scenarios during the meeting, such as rapport building, expectation setting, touring the home, giving feedback about the home, presentation styles, closing strategies, follow-up strategies, strategies for beating the competition, overcoming competition who offers discount services, overcoming competition who offers luxury services, and so on. Walk through the process for each and have your agents weigh in on what has worked for them. Be sure to limit sidebars and other conversations that wander outside the scope of useful dialogue.
  6. Opportunities and Obstacles Meeting - Have your team identify their three biggest opportunities and outline a step-by-step strategy for capitalizing on them. Then ask them to identify their three biggest challenges and create a game plan for removing them from their business or life. Put everything in writing and ask them to email it to you so you can revisit the information with them later.
  7. Public Speaking Meeting - Ask your team members to take the stage during the meeting and give a persuasive argument for or against something. You can also hand them an item from the office, such as a stapler or binding machine, and challenge them to come up with a creative way to explain the features and benefits of it.
  8. Business Overview Meeting - Before the meeting, choose a few members of your team and ask them to give the rest of the team an overview of their business. Have them present their personal and professional background, experience to date, goals, opportunities, and obstacles. Then encourage the rest of the team to ask clarifying questions and offer ideas and solutions to help the agent achieve their goals.
  9. Referral Workshop - Host a meeting focused entirely on prospecting for and acquiring more referral business. Ask your team members to identify how much of their current business is done by referral, who gave them referrals, who could give them referrals, and their plan to increase referrals. Discover what works for the agents on your team and what they can do to get more referrals. Check out the referral planning workbook for inspiration.
  10. Customer Service Workshop - Discuss customer company standards and best practices related to customer service. Look for ways to boost your team’s levels of customer service through technology or creative strategies. Share positive stories and feedback that the team has received. Talk about other non-real estate businesses who provide outstanding customer service and what they do to achieve that. This is an opportunity to ensure your team is representing your company properly and remind them of the company’s expectations, such as not allowing clients to see homes unsupervised, never talking trash about the competition, providing feedback to other agents, treating other agents with respect, and returning calls and emails from clients in a timely manner.
  11. Break the Ice - No matter which topic you choose, you want to ensure your agents are engaged and excited to participate. Boost the energy levels in the room from the beginning by kicking off your meeting with "Minute to Win It." This icebreaker starts your meeting with a good laugh, setting the tone and getting your team’s blood pumping. Have your team members share something positive that happened to them in their personal or professional life since the last meeting. Show a funny video on YouTube. (Hint: Anything with animals is usually a crowd pleaser.) Make them solve a riddle or answer trivia questions. Read an excerpt from a book or article that is inspiring or motivating. There's nothing worse than a meeting that just can't get off the ground because everyone is feeling blah!

Your agents will leave your team meeting feeling motivated and driven to grow their business.

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