6 Ways to Take a Geo Farm to the Next Level

Create sustainable, focused geo farms and use them to excel in all aspects of geo farm strategy.

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“Owning your own geographic farm gives a strong sense of focus, and when you have focus, a lot of energy flows and that creates a sustainable business.”

First, I have to ask, are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Because you may think you are, but most of the time folks will tell me, “Oh I can’t really start a high-end farm!” And that’s simply not true.

A farm does not just mean a specific or dense geographical area. A farm is a semantic group of property that brings you focus and sustainability.

Do you know if you have the right farm?

You’ve got to know the numbers, and they are not hard to figure out.

These include the total number of homes, sale price trends, turnover, and velocity. Check out my previous post about [how to do this math][1].

Once you can start comparing your numbers, you can start to see if your farm has the right density and the right turnover that allows it to be sustainable.

Are you scared of commitment?

You don’t have to commit time and dollars, you just need to commit, period.

Those numbers we just looked at give you the proof for whether or not it’s smart to commit to your geographic farm.

For all you swanky, all-city agents, you are leaving money on the table! You are not taking your city-level skills and figuring out your farm, therefore, where you sell has been clustered. By taking these steps, you will be more successful.

Are you ready to build your brand?

Once you commit and have the courage, you start building a brand. The only way to do this is to show up consistently. No one can market you out of a farm if you show up every day, and no one can ever take that away from you!

Are you ready to start budgeting for growth?

Budgeting in a farm is easy. It is all about building relationships and making warm contact. Be the walking, talking billboard on the streets.

Don’t forget to put effort into the cloud (internet), because no geographic farm can be sustained by direct mail. Utilize tools like Facebook to get your name and face out there. The easiest way to test your reach online is to invest $5 in a Facebook campaign per day for 30 days. Then wait for the inquiries to come in. If you begin to see traction, for under $300, you will know if your investment or brand is taking off or not.

Are you wondering, “What do I say?”

I love when someone asks me this because it shows me that you’re willing to do the work and put in the effort. This will unlock freedom for you and give you the courage to go out and have great, meaningful conversations. You will provide a better future for yourself and your family. When you have a conversation, do not script it. Find a way to provide value through what you are saying. The only scripted part of your conversation should be your introduction. Build relationships and do the homework.

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