A Winning Mindset

What does 1.8, 6, and 800 have in common? Metrix Coach Jason Abrams graduated high school with 1.8 GPA, got his real estate license in 6 days, and now sells over 800 homes. Why does this matter to you? You are in the industry of endless possibilities, and Jason's past with 1.8, 6, and 800 prove just that.

In this quick video, Jason explains why he believes the real estate industry is one of the greatest industries to work in, and how as an real estate pro your possibilities are endless.

Core concepts include:

  • How the mindset, "I am just being realistic." can be detrimental to your overall level of success.
  • The three things every agent needs to do daily to get and stay ahead of the average agent.
  • The source of mental blocks and the only thing that can change them.

To discover additional ways Jason gets and stays motivated and learn how to apply these positive thoughts to your career, click here.

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Jason Abrams: Jason has been called the “Jerry Maguire of Real Estate” by the New York Times. He has assisted more professional athletes in their relocation than anyone in the U.S. He sold homes on three continents and listed and sold a prominent movie director’s estate in London, a top-rated DJ's Hollywood Hills mansion, and a Fortune 100 CEO’s beach home in the Hamptons...all in the past year! Jason has taken on the role of teacher, guest lecturer, non-profit executive board member, HGTV host of Scoring The Deal, and real estate coach and consultant and is an advocate for reshaping the residential real estate business and communities nationwide.

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