How to Add Value to Your Services

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You are in a dogfight for business. A lower number of home sales and the same amount of real estate agents fighting for buyers and sellers makes it more important than ever to articulate a stronger value proposition than the rest. Consider adding a home warranty to your arsenal of value propositions.

Leveraging a home warranty can be helpful for both your buyers and sellers. Offering a home warranty to your buyer at closing is a great way to deliver peace of mind and confidence in the purchase. Knowing major systems and appliances will be covered for a period of time after they move in will take some of the stress away from the transaction and give you a strong value proposition as their real estate agent. 1 in 4 American Home Shield buyers use their home warranty in the first 60 days of living in their new home.

  • Insert a Home Warranty overview in your buyer presentation.
  • Explain to the buyer how a home warranty works and the advantages it gives them.
  • Have the seller include an American Home Shield home warranty in the purchase contract.
  • Buy a home warranty for your buyers as a closing gift.
  • Market your home warranty partnership at your open houses. Let potential buyer leads know you offer a home warranty with the purchase of a home.

Leveraging your Home Warranty partnership for the seller can be a powerful ad value as well. As you work to find listings, let potential sellers know you have a strong home warranty partnership. A seller can be protected during the listing process against system and appliance failure. With homes sitting on the market longer, the seller can rest assured that they will not have to pay for those fixes, and it can be a huge value to potential buyers after the purchase making the home more desirable.

Home Warranty can keep a transaction on track. Fix certain inspection items leveraging the home warranty and gain the buyer's trust.

  • Insert information about home warranties for sellers in your listing presentation.
  • Add home warranty to your list of marketing activities for new listings.
  • Leave home warranty information accessible for showings and open houses.

Over 50% of customers use their home warranty. If you want to add true value to your selling proposition and be better than your competition, adding home warranty to your value arsenal is a no-brainer.

American Home Shield wants to be your Home Warranty partner. With local representation in all 50 states and a real estate concierge, you can actually talk to a home warranty specialist and create a plan for leveraging home warranty to add to your value proposition.

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