Closing Day Is a Social Media Gold Mine

Closing day is a proud day. Maximize your organic real estate social content with our 5 step social media checklist.

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It’s closing day! While this day is exciting for both you and your client, it also serves as a great source for current and future social media content. Online Performance Coach, Giselle Ugarte, has a checklist to make sure you get all of the content you need.

Research has proven there isn’t much better content to post on your Facebook or Instagram than content that happens organically - real people, real events, real-time. What better event to capture than closing day. It’s joyous, sometimes hectic, but it’s a perfect opportunity to show what you do best. After all, you’re getting your client into their dream home.

So what can you capture during this day? Giselle has put together a social media closing day checklist for curating beautifully organic content. We’re talking FIVE different posts you can recycle, repurpose and repost, over and again.

Think of how many closing days you have within a year and if you used this each time, how much content you could produce without ever having to go outside of your normal day-to-day duties!

Download your free checklist here (just below the ‘Now Reading’ section) and don’t forget to tag @giselleugarte in your posts! Download your free checklist here (just below the ‘Now Reading’ section) and don’t forget to tag @giselleugarte in your posts!

About Giselle

Giselle Ugarte

Giselle Ugarte is a top online performance coach and CEO of Action Forward. Giselle approaches marketing from the lens of personal development, humanizing the ways we show up in business, online and especially off, with time and energy setting tactics, captivating communication techniques and tangible boundary-setting tools. Giselle is a proud Latina and dog mom of long-haired chihuahua, Penelope Cruz.

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