5.5" x 8.5"



5.5" x 8.5"

Leverage our Recipe Postcards to boost sphere engagement and build lasting connections. Share four personalized recipe postcards, each showcasing your unique personality throughout the year. Upload your existing mailing list or purchase one in our user-friendly editor to target your audience. Let Breakthrough Broker automate the process.

  • Features
    • Direct Mail
    • Team & Two Agent Available
    • Edit Contact Information
    • Upload Headshot & Logo
  • How it Works

    Customize the four postcard with your contact information and Breakthrough Broker will automatically send each postcard to your contacts every month.

    POSTCARD SEND SCHEDULE: Each postcard will be placed in the mail and shipped via first-class mail on the date outlined below.

    French Toast: Jan 2
    Strawberry Salad: April 3
    Country Ribs: July 3
    Broccoli Soup: Oct 2

  • Print Pricing
    Quantity Mail to a List
    1 - 49 $5.20
    50 - 99 $4.48
    100 - 249 $4.24
    250 - 499 $4.00
    500 - 999 $3.80
    1000 - 1999 $3.60
    2000+ $3.36

    It will cost $4.48 to send one recipient all 4 postcards for the entire year. Example: $4.48 x 50 (recipients) = $224.00 (total for all 4 postcards sent to the 50 recipients for the entire year).

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