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‘Magic Buyer’ Lead Generation

Secure an Impressive Sale for Your Buyer with this Cutting Edge Strategy

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🏠 Persuade sellers to consider selling their property 🏠

Backed by Tom Ferry, this campaign targets and persuades sellers to consider selling their property. Follow these actionable marketing steps and successfully secure a sale for your buyer. The postcard peaks interest when a recipient sees their neighborhood and the letters create a personal touch encouraging a potential seller to reach out with next steps.

Step 1. Send Postcard

Identify sellers in the neighborhood. Send this postcard to a targeted neighborhood with our direct mail feature. Use the address mapping tool to screenshot the area and and then send to potential sellers. It will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

👍 Create + Send Postcard

👍 Watch how-to video

Step 2. Send Letter One

The next step in this strategy is key. Create and send this "I Have a Buyer" letter. Crafted to target those same homeowners your postcard is delivered to; this adds another layer to seller persuasion. Use our direct mail tool to target the same neighborhood.

☝️ Personalize and Send Letter One

❗ Don't forget to update the copy to reflect your buyer's needs.

Step 3. Send Letter Two

An essential element to this strategy lies in the follow through. Send this second letter, two weeks after the first letter. Personalize it to your buyers needs and the potential sellers neighborhood.

Has it been two weeks?

☝️ Personalize and Send Letter Two

❗ Don't forget to update the copy to reflect your buyer's needs.

Step 4. Send Letter Three

This last letter polishes off your first round of this marketing strategy. Tom Ferry recommends to send this consistently to homeowners to encourage sellers to connect. Create a sense of urgency with your buyer’s interest. Use our direct mail feature and send this letter two weeks after letter two.

☝️ Personalize and Send Letter Three

❗ Don't forget to update the copy to reflect your buyer's needs.

❗ Don't forget to update the copy to reflect your buyer's needs, we have provided an outline for marketing copy that is proven to work by Tom Ferry❗

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