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'Name Your Price' Lead Generation

Target Cold Leads & High Demand Neighborhoods with this Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

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🤩 One of the Most Effective Lead Generation Systems in the Industry 🤩

Create engagement and prompt the answer you really want to know from sellers "I’d sell my home today if I could get __?"

Follow the outlined steps below to engage your prospects effectively and be prepared when they're ready to take action.

Step 1. Create Landing Page

Create engagement with this Name Your Price Landing Page. This tactful headline and call to action draws readers to engage with your page by naming "their" price. After submitting their desired number, you will receive an email with their exact price and contact information. It's lead generation made easy!

☝️Create Name Your Price Landing Page

Step 2. Generate QR Code

You've finished your landing page, now select, share, and create you QR code. This will appear in your downloads. This QR code will be placed on the postcard you create in the following step. We offer FREE QR codes with every landing page on Breakthrough Broker. If you want to track your QR code, consider using QRFY.

👉 Learn about QR codes on Breakthrough Broker.

Step 3. Create Postcard

Upload your QR code to the back of this postcard. When scanned, it will direct homeowners to the landing page you created in step one. Send this postcard to the ideal audience by uploading a mailing list or purchasing one from us. The list is yours to download and keep for future use.

👍 Create & Mail this Postcard

Step 4. Send Special Letter

Send this special letter to potential sellers and ask them to name their price—in other words, what would they happily sell their home for? This letter has a QR code that takes scanners back to the landing page you created in Step 1.

Pro tip: Use our address mapping tool to send this letter to a targeted neighborhood.

👌 Create & Mail this Letter

Step 5. Post on Social Media

Create a social media post to share on Facebook and Instagram. Encourage your followers to "name their price" in the comments.

Take it one step further and place your landing page link from step one into your social media bio section. Leads made easy!

👌Post on Social Media & Start the Convo

Step 6. Post Social Story

In the last step, create a story post to share to your social stories. Create curiosity with the question "name your price." When followers share their answers, initiate a conversation with potential sellers/homeowners.

Watch our how-to video for tips on adding a question box area to your social stories. This creates a direct message chat between you and your engager.

👌Post on Social Story & Get Responses

☝️ Watch how-to video

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