On-Demand Webinar: Q4 Sphere Marketing Strategies To Kickstart 2022

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Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs explains key strategies to build momentum for your business to kick off 2022 in the best way during this webinar. Eric explains how to use 20 different tactics to boost engagement with your sphere and generate more conversations. The compound effect of repetitive engagement shows that the more interactions we have with potential clients, the more opportunities we have for new business.

Check out the recorded webinar and the helpful marketing ideas below!

  • Create One CMA Per Day
    Send one CMA to a past client or someone you want to work with every single day. This will help you learn about your local market and get you in front of your sphere. Send your CMA with a message like this:

    “Many of my friends and acquaintances have been asking me what their home is worth, so I thought I would send out a quick market analysis to the people I know. If you are curious about what your home may sell for in today’s market, take a quick look. Call me anytime if you have questions."

  • Text a Message To a Long Lost Contact
    Send a sincere message to someone you’ve lost touch with. Make sure to follow up with coffee, lunch, or a phone call. Use verbiage like this:

    "The events of the past year and a half had me thinking of you. Just checking in to see how things are going. Hope all is well!"

  • Business Lunch With An Industry Partner
    Schedule a lunch with a mortgage or title partner and talk about the market. Ask them how their other Realtor partners are finding success? Ask questions about their business and how you can help them.

  • Call Three Past Clients
    Call three past clients and have a meaningful conversation. Many top producers say their phone is their most valuable marketing tool. Make sure to listen carefully during these conversations and take notes on what your clients say. If they tell you about their son's soccer team, write this down in your CRM and ask them about it when you follow up.

  • Market Update Social Post
    Share this to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but don't just post the stats. Add your professional opinion and explain what the numbers mean to your followers. Create a narrative and show how the numbers affect buyers or sellers.

  • Proof of Production Postcards
    This postcard will explain how the market is affecting homeowners or buyers right now. Add a narrative to the text field to explain the stats. If you don't have recently sold homes, then talk to your managing broker about using a recent sale from another agent in your office.

  • Thinking of Selling Social Posts
    Post this to Facebook and Instagram. Articulate how low inventory is affecting the housing market, and if anyone is thinking of selling, now is the time. Don't assume your sphere of influence knows this information.

  • Looking to Downsize Postcard
    Try targeting a niche audience with tailored messages. For example, there are 70 million baby boomers right now and they may have big homes that aren't cost-effective. This Looking to Downsize Postcard is the perfect conversation starter.

  • Targeted Marketing Social Posts
    Use the same tactics above on social media. We also have Looking to Downsize Social Posts but the key here is to find a demographic and promote your services.

  • Expert Commentary
    Write a long-form post for your Facebook or LinkedIn page discussing the current state of the market. Use this webinar to find ideas to post about.

  • Google "Real Estate News"
    Find your favorite publications for real estate information by typing "real estate news" into Google. Some of our favorites are Keeping Current Matters, RIS Media, Housingwire, and Inman.

  • Create a Feedly Account
    Once you've found your go-to publications, make a Feedly account to compile all the articles from these websites in one place. This can help fuel your market updates to your sphere.

  • Low Inventory Letter
    Send a letter to your sphere about how there are not enough homes on the market for the number of buyers to uncover more sellers. Change the greeting to something personal!

  • Fall Events
    Host a special event for past clients. This could be a neighborhood fall clean-up, fall client appreciation party, happy hour, coffee meet-up, or brunch.

  • Know Your Equity Social Posts
    When people ask how the market is, they are generally asking how much money they can get right now for their home. These social posts will get consumers asking about the equity in their homes.

  • Engagement Social Posts
    Share a fun social post that reminds people you're an awesome Realtor. This post won't sound like a sales pitch and will help you engage with your followers.

  • The Seller's Roadmap Infographic
    This is a visual way to stay in front of your sphere. Post this infographic to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can also write a long-form blog post with the information from the infographic.

  • Secrets for a Stress-Free Purchase Infographic
    This is a great infographic to hand out at open houses. You can also send this to colleagues, friends, and family.

  • Customizable Videos
    Customize, download, and post these consumer-facing videos to social media.

  • Direct Mail
    Send postcards to your sphere directly from the Breakthrough Broker website. Upload your contact list with a CSV file and start sending.

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