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Shifting Your 10%. Put Instagram to Work for You

How do you make Instagram work for you? Put the work in to build out these three steps.

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10%. That is the magic number. The general rule of thumb for how much a real estate agent should put back into their marketing from their commission. (

So why should you spend it on Instagram?

Instagram, if executed strategically, will not only provide you with MORE relationships but will also strengthen old ones. The best part is that it provides an opportunity to prospect on a saleable level, unlike any other platform.

How can you shift your 10% to the platform and be successful? Let’s dive into the three steps to the Instagram lead funnel that will create MORE opportunity and HIGHER conversion.

Step 1) Take the time to build your Engagement tracker.

Knowing where and WHO to engage with is the first key ingredient to setting yourself up for success on the Instagram platform.

By building out your tracker, you will confidently know where to begin each day. No aimless scrolling and uncertain searching. Planned out and structured categories for who to talk to, based on WHO you are trying to attract.

The fundamentals of the tracker are simple. Each day has a category, and two of the five days of the week are non-negotiables. These two days are “following day” and “re-engage” day. The other three should be ideal client categories. Make a two-week cycle if you need more days to structure out!

When choosing the categories, it is based on who your ideal client is, and just a “first-time homebuyer” does not qualify. You must get specific and hyper-focused. It will help you have conversations about things you are passionate about, make the opportunity for the “ask” easier because it is rooted in connection FIRST, and will allow you to get WAY more yes’s. If people like you and feel connected to you, they are more likely to say yes to you.

Step 2) Execute the conversation formula.

What engagement strategy will work best for generating prospecting and creating conversion?

Here are the three parts to your initial touch point (reminder that all three of these pieces go into ONE message you send. This is the initial message you will send to someone when you are creating new engagement with them!)

Part 1: Acknowledge WHAT the person posted. By doing so, you are showing that you not only saw it but read it!

Part 2: Enter nostalgia and story tell. This is how you subliminally share “what” you do without selling anything.

Part 3: Ask a question! Who, what, why, or how are great ways to start it.

Step 3) Move the meeting!

The most critical piece to creating conversion on Instagram is knowing when and HOW to move the meeting.

Moving the meeting requires using the connection you have established with the individual IN your ask! By doing so, you will avoid the slimy car salesman feeling, you will get more Yes’s and you better qualify the people you are talking to so that you are only on the phone with people who are ready to be there. An additional side effect of this? WAY less shopping around. They are ready to work with you!

By executing the 45/20 strategy taught in this training, you will be looking at creating upwards of 225 NEW conversations PER WEEK. When fully executed, the funnel averages two new opportunities/leads per week. When compounded over time, these numbers scale exponentially.

What would two new leads do for your business every month?!

Put simply, how do you make Instagram work for you? Put the work in to build out these three steps…. take the road less traveled.

Michelle Berman-Mikel is a nationally sought-after Instagram Content Development coach, Speaker and Owner of Berman Media PD. She is also the creator of the Instagram Power Method Program, an online course that teaches Realtors & Loan Officers how to leverage the power of Instagram to not only scale their relationships nationally, but also build credibility in their local markets. Michelle is also the host of The Coffee & Questions Podcast with guests such as Daniel Harkavy, Phil Treadwell, Amy Chorew, Bill Hart and more. Michelle is an expert in understanding and utilizing Psychology to help people tap into the power of Instagram and its ability to be a lead generation source for your business.

Michelle Berman-Mikel

CEO & Founder Berman Media PD, Inc.

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