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Just Sold Listing Letter
Gain more leads within a desirable neighborhood when you send out a Just Sold Listing Letter to help you find qualified sellers. Simply add your contact details, headshot, and logo by clicking the Get Started button below.
Real estate letter

Creating your letter

Enter your contact information and upload a company logo and headshot into your profile. Then our system will use this information to automatically populate the letterhead and signature blocks.

In the "letter body" section, there's an excerpt of pre-written copy. Find the bracketed section of the text — [it looks like this] — and change it to include the appropriate information about the neighborhood or city you'll be sending the letter to.

What this letter says

Dear Neighbor,

Exciting news! I wanted to let you know the [Smith residence at 422 Breckenridge] has closed. In my continued effort to be the go-to Realtor for [neighborhood], I’m sending out this letter to keep you in the loop. .

We listed the home on [January 15th] and immediately requested the showing. In the first week, we had over [10] showings. This amount of activity usually results in an offer, which is exactly what happened. We actually received 2 offers and, after some negotiation, ended up with an agreement that was above the asking price!

The home was in great shape so there were no major inspection items. Plus, the buyers were very well qualified so there were no lending delays. We closed on time which took about 30 days.

The value I bring to the table includes the following:

-Asking Price: [$620,000]
-Closing Price: [$623,000]
-Seller Concessions: [$0]
-Days to Offer: 1
-Days to Close: [32]

I believe this transaction demonstrates how desirable the [neighborhood] is. Because your neighborhood is so desirable, I realize very few people are looking to sell, however, sometimes things change and you find yourself ready to move. If that’s the case for you, I’d love the opportunity to visit with you about your goals.

Thank you,


Why send this letter?

  • Show you’re the go-to agent in a desirable neighborhood
  • Get more eyes on your just sold listing as you showcase a job well done
  • Gain potential seller clients in a specific neighborhood

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