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Taxes Have You Worried? Automated Accounting with Realtyzam

Realtyzam is an amazing online tax and accounting software built specifically for real estate professionals and it can help you stay organized to meet your financial goals.

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Automated Accounting with Realtyzam

At Breakthrough Broker, we are constantly on a quest to find the best resources in the world to help real estate professionals succeed in their businesses.

Realtyzam is an amazing online tax and accounting software built specifically for real estate professionals and it can help you stay organized to meet your financial goals.

Why do you need accounting software?

Taxes can be a major problem for many real estate professionals. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, keeping great data on what we spend, where we spend it, and how we spend it often gets lost in the mix as we market our businesses, find new clients, connect with old clients, track transactions, deal with fires, negotiate deals, and so much more. However, the consequences of either not doing your taxes correctly or not completing your taxes on time, could result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars at the end of the year. That tax debt can derail some of the best of businesses and cause severe problems with the IRS, including penalties, fees, and, if completely ignored, criminal offenses. By using a simple, streamlined accounting software, like Realtyzam, you can take the stress out of taxes.

Why Realtyzam?

When we started looking at the new Realtyzam additions, we saw the automated banking and credit card integration and thought it could be amazing for our industry. This new feature will enable a Realtor to connect their business banking accounts and corresponding debit or credit cards and the software will automatically categorize each expense when it pulls the data every morning.

Knowing the industry and how we work as Realtors, we knew this would be a game changer in the way we track our expenses and, ultimately, file our taxes. Not only will this help you save time, but also allow you to finally track your expenses like your accountant has asked you to do for years. Your lunches and coffee meetings will be assigned as entertainment (enacting various deductions), when you buy a new computer or pay for printing, it will be assigned as a business expense, and when you pay for printing and postage for those postcards, it will be assigned as a marketing expense. All of this is important for your accountant to review at the end of the year.

For many of us, we tell ourselves we should do this every day, but the reality is as busy real estate professionals, we often don’t have time to log these expenses. This simple $9.95 per month product will do it for you automatically.

How does it work?

Using Realtyzam is incredibly seamless. Connect as many bank or credit card accounts as you want and they automatically sync every morning. Boom! Every expense will be categorized, every day.

If you have concerns about connecting your banking information to a third-party application, the software will allow you to upload your bank statement each month instead and will assign expenses retroactively, still saving you time and effort. At the end of the year, as your accountant prepares your taxes, they will have all of the information they need to get you the business deductions you deserve.

We think you’ll love this tool!

If you would like to check it out, there’s a 30-day free trial option found at At the very minimum, you will have a great accounting tool that will reduce daily stress, and at maximum, it could save you thousands of dollars.

After a successful career as a top-producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, broker and owner Eric Sachs and his business partner sold their company. Then, they followed their passion for helping those in the real estate industry by founding Breakthrough Broker. Eric is a recognized national speaker and is dedicated to helping real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies build successful businesses.

Eric Sachs

Breakthrough Broker President & Co-founder

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