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The Agent's Edge by Jordan Cohen Book Review

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Becoming a successful real estate agent, let alone a multi-million dollar producer is increasingly difficult. The industry throws hundreds, maybe thousands of ideas, strategies, and best practices, at us every day. Webinars from the brightest minds in the industry, books, and podcasts dedicated to helping real estate agents build successful businesses. A real estate pro can find endless coaching programs, classes, and events to attend. Yet, the hard truth remains that only a few are selling the majority of homes.

As the co-founder of Breakthrough Broker, I have set out to connect with the “few” to share what these uber-successful real estate practitioners are doing that has made them so successful, with the hope that the majority of real estate pros find one thing that will help put them with the “few.”

Several months ago, I received a text from one of my favorite title partners, “Are you free? I want to connect you with the #1 Remax agent in the world.” I had to read the text again, and my answer was… OF COURSE, I’m free. That was my first call with Jordan Cohen, a five-time #1 Remax Agent worldwide. I never know what to expect when connecting with “celebrity” agents, but I trusted my title partner and was blown away! Jordan is the real deal. Nice, passionate, personable, funny, smart, and super driven. Three minutes on the phone, and I could see how he has become such a mega agent and done it without a huge team. Jordan has achieved huge success with two assistants, working with athletes and Hollywood celebrities in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Southern California.

During the conversation, Jordan asked me to check out his new book, The Agent's Edge: Secret Strategies to Win Listings and Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate. I was excited to get an advance copy and see how this super-successful agent could help others build their business.

The Review:

I may be a little biased because I think Jordan is just a super nice person, but I went into the read a bit skeptical. Will the #1 Remax agent in the world really share his secrets? Will the strategies and tactics be helpful to the average real estate professional?

To begin, I really liked Jordan’s stories. They were relatable, interesting, and entertaining. Like most of us, he had very humble beginnings. He started selling track homes and outlined a few of his first key failures. More importantly, what he learned from his early failures.

Through his early lessons learned, Jordan realized an unbeatable listing presentation was the key to success. He was determined never to lose a listing opportunity. In other words, he wanted to hit a home run every at-bat!

A good majority of the book is a step-by-step outline of Jordan’s exact strategy and dialogue to win listings—a one-on-one with the most successful single Remax agent in the world. I appreciated the side stories. It added to the voice of the book and enhanced the message Jordan was trying to convey.

Jordan’s exact listing strategy may not be for everyone, but the book will give readers great, executable ideas to build a tested, winning listing presentation. Throughout the book, you will feel as if you are having a conversation with an agent who has it all figured out. It is most definitely worth the read.

As I read deeper into the book, I wondered, “How does he get all of these listing presentations?” I will say I would love more of the lead generation or how to get the potential client to give the presentation. I told Jordan I felt many of our users at Breakthrough Broker would love to hear more. His answer: “It’s coming in his next book!”

Overall this is worth the read. Find one, two, or five ideas to implement into your presentation to hit a home run at every at-bat! Buy the book here.

Jordan Cohen is the six-time #1 RE/MAX Agent Worldwide. He annually closes over $300,000,000 in sales. Jordan prefers to work alone with two assistants, Kristi Dougherty for 16 years, and Madison Adams for nearly 3 years. He does not employ a team or partners.

Jordan graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1990 with a Communications Degree with an emphasis in Sales and Marketing, and headed straight into Real Estate. Jordan started off in entry level housing for the first seven years of his career before transitioning into the luxury market.

Jordan has represented approximately 150 professional athletes and numerous actors and entertainers throughout his 33 years in the business.

This year, Jordan released his first book, The Agents Edge-Secret Strategies To Win Listings And Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate. Published by Harper Collins Leadership, the book is now available to purchase. Buy Jordan's book here.

Jordan’s greatest pleasure is spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys sports and travels whenever possible. Jordan is happily married to Becky, his wife of 30 years. Together, they have two children, Cameron, age 27, and Cassidy, age 23.

Jordan Cohen

#1 REMAX Agent Worldwide

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