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In the competitive world of real estate, what sets you apart from other agents? Here are three strategic ways to leverage home warranties and set yourself apart.

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In the competitive world of real estate, what sets you apart from other agents? Are you armed with a unique value proposition that ensures you clinch every listing and buyer presentation? Consider leveraging home warranty as a unique proposition to set yourself apart.

Your sphere of influence likely includes individuals who know multiple agents. To stand out, align yourself with valuable business partners, and one of the most underutilized allies is a home warranty.

Here are three strategic ways to leverage home warranties and set yourself apart:

Integrate Home Warranty Benefits into Your Buyer Presentation:  
Ensure your buyers have peace of mind during negotiations, especially in multiple offer situations. Educate them on the benefits of a home warranty upfront, avoiding high-stress conversations during negotiations.

Showcase Home Warranty at Open Houses:
Market the home warranty by explaining that it will be provided upon closing, covering unexpected breakdowns of major appliances and house systems.

Encourage Sellers to Purchase a Home Warranty Pre-Listing:
Suggest sellers invest in a home warranty before listing. This not only helps mitigate covered breakdowns during the inspection but also fosters goodwill towards the buyer, who may assume the warranty after closing.  

For 15 years, ARW Home has been dedicated to supporting homeowners and real estate professionals. Their unique home protection plans are tailored to give real estate professionals a winning edge.

Take advantage of the ARW mobile app, empowering real estate agents to:

  • Manage enrollments in real time
  • Automatically send invoices to the closing company
  • In some qualifying cases, enter an optional fee agreement

Lower your stress levels by knowing that water and sewer lines outside the foundation may be covered by an ARW Home Warranty.

As we navigate the competitive landscape in 2024, it's crucial to find partners and tools that tip the scales in our favor. Make the home warranty your unique selling proposition and download the ARW Home mobile app BuyAHomePlan.

The ARW Home Warranty for Real Estate provides industry leading coverage for named appliances and systems, including exterior water and sewer line coverage. Be the hero for your clients, protect your buyer’s budget from the unexpected and helps close transactions. Learn more about BuyAHomePlan.

ARW Home Mobile App BuyAHomePlan

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