Open House

Two of the Best Open House Scripts

Establish relationships with each person who comes to your open house by starting simple and open conversations.

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Here’s what I’d like to teach you today:

  1. Why our job as real estate agents is not to market, or give advice
  2. Why our core job is to match the home buyer and sellers
  3. The open house script you should NEVER to use
  4. The two scripts that will convert leads and create a foundation of success for your business.

As distracting as the amount of advice we get as agents are… I’d like to remind you that the only job you have at an open house is to be a matchmaker. Not to market, not to give advice: just to find your seller a perfect buyer.

To simplify this even further:

  1. A seller is looking for a buyer.
  2. A buyer is looking for a home.

And, it’s our job to facilitate that.

There are two magic scripts you can use at every open house to facilitate high-quality relationships. Both variations of this question create easy, open dialogues and kick off relationships with each visitor that attends your open house.

Before I give them to you… I want you to know the one script you should NEVER use.

This silly question that has been around for ages does not serve you, or your clients, and even worse, it makes real estate agents look like we don’t know what we’re doing.

It’s this outdated script:

“Hi, my name is Sharran. What brings you in today?”

Please stop saying that.

It’s a terrible question, which does not allow the daisy chain of ‘yes’ that we are looking for.

Why? This question doesn’t allow a warm-up, a sorting question or any kind of inspiration.

Without a foundational relationship, this question will only provide one likely response, “I’m just looking around.”

This puts you and your seller at a disadvantage.

Now that that’s out of the way…. Let’s discuss the two scripts you SHOULD use:

“Hi, my name is Sharran. Welcome! Did you come in today to buy your dream home, or to figure out how much your home is worth?”

This forces the visitor to choose and actually say something. 9/10 will choose, 1/10 will respond, ‘I’m just looking’, and that’s OK.

Here’s an even simpler version that you can say without a big grin on your face:

“Hi, my name is Sharran. Welcome! Are you looking to buy a new home, or are you comparing home values?

Now, whether you ask a variation of this question at the time or the tour, or as they’re leaving; it doesn’t matter as long as you ask it.

There is one goal this question helps us achieve: putting the visitor in the Buyer or Pipeline Seller column. This way when you’re doing your reports at the end of your event, you will know you exactly how to follow up and be the best matchmaker for your clients.

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