5 Steps to an Undeniable Value Proposition

In order to stand apart from your surrounding competition, you need to have a value proposition that is undeniable to potential clients. To achieve this, you must deliver a not-so-unique service in a very unique way. There are an estimated two million licensed real estate professionals in the U.S. alone. What value do you bring your clients that they simply can't get elsewhere?

To help you define what makes you unique and build an undeniable value proposition, consider the answers to the questions below.

  1. Who is your niche market? Just like any big brand, you have to know exactly who you are selling your services to. Are you an expert buyer's agent for a particular neighborhood? Do you primarily work with urban Millennials? Are you a well-known luxury real estate agent? Establishing the type of agent you are and your niche will help you identify exactly what you can offer your target market.
  2. What can you offer your clients other agents can't? Once you have established your niche market, define what you can specifically do for them. If you're working with Millennials, an example of added value would be a wealth of knowledge on the next up-and-coming neighborhoods. If you list only modern properties, maintaining a list of buyer leads that are specifically interested in a modern-style home is something other agents may not be able to bring to the table.
  3. What makes you unique? There are thousands of real estate agents out there. Why should a client pick you? Make sure to establish a unique brand for yourself and stay true to it. Don't forget to touch on the unique qualities you possess an agent in your conversations with potential clients or in your marketing materials, such as being native to the city, being highly rated within your company, specializing in a specific facet of the industry, and more.
  4. Why are you the best choice for your clients? Think of this from an emotional standpoint rather than what you can physically bring to the table. For example, if you establish yourself as an agent who only works with first-time buyers, you may be able to understand how scary the process can be more than other agents. You can bring a level of calmness to the transaction and will be well-versed on first-time home buyer questions and concerns.
  5. Can you sell your services under 30 seconds? You need to be able to communicate your value within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. It isn't enough to say, "I am a real estate agent," and win people over. Instead, create and practice your pitch over and over. Try something like this: "I am a real estate agent that specializes in listings. My passion and drive to make the selling process as painless and stress-free as possible for each of my clients is what sets me apart from the rest. I'm proud to say that I can sell a home within 45 days and have a 95 percent success rate of selling at the asking price. I attribute this success to using a marketing mix that incorporates digital, print, and video platforms when marketing my listings." A pitch like this gives your potential client a taste of your specialization, success rate, solutions, and personality in under 30 seconds.

Without a doubt, you have something special to offer your clients, even if it is as small as a promise to call back within 30 minutes each time they call. Prioritizing both the little and big things are what makes your value proposition truly undeniable.

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