Revamp Your Listing Game with BoxBrownie

With an overwhelming amount of options on the market, a home’s first impression on potential buyers is crucial. That’s why a good agent knows how to craft an eye-catching, intriguing listing.

In the past, if your listing contained several high-quality, professional photos of the property, it already was a step ahead of the competition. But now, every agent has access to a nice camera or the newest iPhone or Android phone that takes stellar photos. Plus, most can pay a small subscription fee to use high-end editing software. So, how can you make sure your listing will stand out online?

Australia-based company BoxBrownie specializes in digital services for real estate and is your one-stop shop for unique tools that can help your listing make a real impact, including the following incredible services.

Item Removal. Capture photos of the home without worrying about moving items out of each room. Instead, use item removal editing to declutter, erase personal effects, or remove any clunky pieces of furniture in any photos before using them in your listing.

Virtual Staging. Create the productivity-inspiring home offices of a business owner’s dreams, equipped with an ergonomic desk and chair setup. Speak to the aspiring host or hostess’ heart when you help him or her visualize the setting of their next dinner party with their closest friends. Help a newly-wedded pair imagine the comfy, warm living room where they will spend long weekends playing with their children. And all of this for a fraction of the price of physically staging the home!

Day to Dusk. Secure the perfect hero image for your listing without waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate. Use day to dusk photo enhancement to replace an exterior photos daytime sky with an eye-catching sunset and adjust the color balance to show the home in the best light.

Floor Plans. Create both 2D and 3D floor plans allowing prospects to picture their décor and furniture in the rooms, imagine the flow of the home, and realize the full potential of the property.

With these amazing services, 24-hour turnaround, and affordable prices, BoxBrownie is a game-changing partner for any real estate agent. Think of the opportunities you have to ‘wow’ potential buyers with a tool like this in your arsenal. If you’re ready to break through the clutter and get your listings noticed, then check out BoxBrownie.com.

About BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie is a 24/7 photo editing company providing a range of services for real estate marketing. They offer a no subscription, pay as you go service, with edits returned within 24 hours at unbeatable prices.

Products include: Image Enhancement, Virtual Staging, Day to Dusk conversions, Floor Plan Redraws, CGI Renders, Virtual Renovations, Background Removal, Portrait Retouching and Item Removal.

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